Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bryant Denny background images

Here's the images of the background pictures in the bryant denny stadium set. They feature three of the Bear , Stabler,Bart Starr and also Namath.
This was the first layer of many in that card set.

NEW 5" by 7" photo-cards

Here's an image of the New set of 5 by 7" cards I am starting . I spent a few hours over UA's spring break taking well over 200 images of the campus and the stadium. I am doing a series of photo cards that feature the landmarks, statues and other great elements of the crimson tide.

This image is also on ebay if you want to check out the auctions under my user name of Swtoyogist

Each card in this series will be 2.50 each and also available larger to an 8 by 10 and also in trading card form.

Bryant / Denny 6- card set images

Finally after everyone in my family being sick I can get back to creating cards and getting ready for A-Day and the practices.
Here's the images of the Bryant denny 6- card set. It features well over 30 images of the stadium within the letters , a time line from construction to 2007 , and many other things.
Again this is an image of illustrator and cut apart they will fit into a standard sleeve for the total image. When you purchase one , it will come to you in a sleeve.
the cards set is only 12.00 shipped.
email me if your interested as always.

Legion field 6 card set

Here's an image of the legion field 6 card set . It features 6 cards that when sleeved it makes a larger card that highlights the history if Legion field. Alabama ad auburn battled at legion field from 1948 to 1988 and it was a battle to be sure.

This set highlights the stadium through images within the type and also the coaches , players and scores of the series.
This image shows the cards together from illustrator .
Let me know what you think and email me if you want a set.
the legion field set if 12.00 each . Discounts available for many purchases.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bryant -Denny Stadium Card set completed

Just wanted to post about my Bryant -denny stadium card. It is a mini set of 6 cards that when put into a standard sleeve , combine to join a large image. It features images of the stadium and also a timeline from 1929 to 2006.
I've been under the weather and working a bunch so this is my first good point in a month or so. I'm finishing my recruit cards and getting them ready for A-Day events. Will have images of recruits and also the denny card tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

NEW recruit cards coming SOON...

I've been playing around with some new card layoutsfor the 2007 recruiting class at Bama. Should be a card set of about 25 or 30 players and will be available by A-DAy for anyone that wants a set. I'm looking at using elephant skin print along with other features to enhance them. I'll be at the 2 practives before the A-Day getting my Team ball signed and handing out cards to the players. If you interested in the recruit cards , let me know.

Monday, February 05, 2007

custom cards and autographs

The custom cards where born from a need I saw last yeat in getting things signed at football games and signing events. I collect a whole lotta things and i didn't need 100 footballs , jerseys and mini helmets lying around my house. Although I enjoy all of those , you really can't display all of them properly and enjoy them.
I've been collecting autographs in some form for over 20 years and have 3-4 thousand signed items from posters to toys. The idea of having one more large signed item scares me. I hope to have that Namath jersey signed , but I also want a Lance armstrong and other sports items signed as well. What happens if my son goes to LSU instead of alabama and I don't have that Billy Cannon signed item for a graduation present....hummm.
I found that many of the true collectors out there where getting trading cards signed , but didn't really have anything for the current players to get signed. So the idea was born.

White Panel Balls

I wanted to post a quickie about the lack of white panel ball out in the world. A good friend of mine and I searched last year at hibbetts for the NIKE logo balls to get signed at the games. It was like looking for the holy grail . Either they had been purchased or they never get any in.
Anyway , I found a site through another friend that has white panel logo balls for only 14.95 and FULL sized helmets for on 75.00. Considering the NIKE balls where 20.00 at hibbetts it's a pretty good deal. Check out my links and check them out. There also good people.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

All around the SEC

If you check out the SENIOR BOWL rosters for both North and South you'll find a great mix of colleges. I was able to create all of the cards over a two month period and only missed the last 5 additions. The SEC is well represented and besides getting blanked in the game , they where some of the best players there. Here are a couple more cards that I got signed from the SEC:

Patrick Willis was a great guy in person and will be a top round draft pick in the draft.
He signed it to my two year son, Mason. Mason is the reason for doing all of this. I have been collecting autographs and any number of other things from animation cels to classic toys. When Mason was born I started to collect more sports stars to pass down to him. I had collected various autographs from all types of sports before he was born , but know I want to get all types to pass down to him. Maybe in 15 years some of these players will have done something in the NFL. After seeing Ken Darby and Kenny Irons at the senior bowl , they may be working their magic at a local eatery instead of the NFL.
All of the money from the sale of my cards goes to him. I use a little to create the cards and all the rest goes into his bank account.

Le-Ron Mclain Signed card

I was lucky enough to attend the Senor Bowl this past Jan. in Mobile , Alabama and made custom cards for 95 of the 100 players that attended. I got cards signed and also gave each player that signed a card of their own to keep. All the players enjoyed that cards and many of the fans that seen the cards enjoyed them as well. I gave out a lot of cards and also met some great people along the way.
Above you'll see the Le-Ron Mclain card that he signed. sorry for the poor image, the cards are glossy and the relection is killing me.

Coming Soon...

Here are some basic cards I am currently working on :
Dwayne Rudd
Michael Myers
Kevin Jackson
Antonio Langum
Robert Stewart
Siran Stacy
Craig Stevenson
Prince Wimbley
Derric Lassic
Sam Shade
Tarrany Lynch
Freddie Kitchens
Curtis Brown
John Mangum
Kermit Kendrick
Chris Anderson
Freddie Millons
Derrick Oden
Rammer Jammers
Daniel Moore - the person
The campus Statues
The Walk of Fame
campus landmarks
final score scoreboards
and much more.....
I am also working on the " stadiums of the SEC " that will feature images of all the SEC stadiums on multiple cards that when put in card sleeves create the image of the stadiums.
Each stadium will feature 9 cards.

Alabama custom cards

welcome to the blog for continuing the tradition of the ALABAMA's FInest cards. I will add new cards as they are created and also show images and hopefully hear from other crimson tide fans. All cards are 2.50 each and when I reach 50 cards they will be sold as a set for 75.00 . All cards are single-sided for now and have photo-quality images.
Deshea Townsend
Fernando Bryant
Michael Vaugh
Kelvin Sigler
Charlie Peprah
Freddie Roach
Roman Harper
Shaud Williams
Wesley Britt
Jimmy Johns
1992 NC team
Shaun Alexander
Jay Barker
Brodie Croyle
Chris Samuels
Jon Parker Wilson
Dennis Riddle
DJ Hall
Eric Curry
Le-Ron Mclain
David Palmer " the Deuce"
Tyrone Prothro
Nick Saban
Terry Saban
Juwan Simpson
Gene Stallings
The Castille Family
Tyler Watts
Andrew ZOW
Sherman Williams
Keith Brown
Ramzee Robinson
George Teague
Demeco Ryans
Andre Smith
Phillip Doyle
Michael Proctor
and many more to come.